Fiesta Flambeau Parade

Grand Marshal

Enrique “Sebastian” Carbajal

With constructive vocation, since the mid-60s began developing his sculptural language supporting their work with scientific disciplines such as mathematics and geometry, approaching the topology and crystallography. The work of Sebastian is generated to the time when artistic trends such as scientism, minimalism, op-art, pop art, etc. originate, expressed and then with creations like his transformable structures, including their Leonardo works, Durero, Brancusi, mathematical models transformed into sculpture, where the digit mentioned refers to the fourth dimension, these works are proof of its concern participatory art, fundamental concept of his first artistic motivations.

It is then when he defines his vocation as a large-format sculptor, causing urban projects where the viewer interaction is the main actor. In 1970 he published his World’s Largest Sculpture, being then only a conceptual manifesto sought the creation of such a large sculpture that kasbah hardly be contained by the globe and only peeped some parts of it at certain points. Being a sculptor urban monumental work, today Sebastian has made this project with more than 200 urban works in different parts of the world.

His production mainly covers urban monumental sculpture and architectural design, painting, design objects, furniture, public art, jewelry, theatrical costume design, set design, multimedia shows, etc. Currently combines his artistic work

Honorary Grand Marshal

Cleto Rodriguez
Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Cleto Rodriguez is living his lifelong dream of becoming an elite stand-up comedian.  Rodriguez has been performing

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